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Exquisite dining
since 1989

Experience our seasonal menu in beautiful country surroundings. Eat the freshest produce from the comfort of our farmhouse.

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Enjoyable place for all the family

Our relaxed surroundings make dining with us a great experience for everyone. We can even arrange a tour of the farm before your meal.

The most locally sourced food

All our ingredients come directly from our farm or local fishery. So you can be sure that you're eating the fastest, most sustainable food.

Family Gathering

We love catering for entire families. So please bring everyone along for a special meal with your loved ones. We’ll provide a memorable experience for all.

Special Events

Whether it’s a romantic dinner or special date you’re celebrating with others we’ll look after you. We’ll be sure to mark your special date with an unforgettable meal.

Social Events

Are you looking to have a larger social event? No problem! We’re more than happy to cater for big parties. We’ll work with you to make your event a hit with everyone.

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